Plant Pathology

Plant Pathology

Plant pathology is a science that studies plant diseases and attempts to improve the chances for survival of plants when they are faced with unfavorable environmental conditions and parasitic microorganisms that cause disease. It is also, however, a science that has a practical and noble goal of protecting the food available for humans and animals. Plant diseases, by their presence, prevent the cultivation and growth of food plants in some areas; or food plants may be cultivated and grown but plant diseases may attack them, destroy parts or all of the plants, and reduce much of their produce, i.e., food, before they can be harvested or consumed.

The normal physiological functions of plants are disturbed when they are affected by pathogenic living organisms or by some environmental factors. Initially plants react to the disease causing agents, particularly in the site of infection. Later, the reaction becomes more widespread and histological changes take place. Such changes are expressed as different types of symptoms of the disease which can be visualized macroscopically. We have the most modern tools and machines set for our students in our Plant Pathology Lab.

Objectives and Activities

This laboratory is used for research in following areas:

  • The living entities that cause diseases in plants
  • The non-living entities and the environmental conditions that cause disorders in plants;
  • The mechanisms by which the disease causing agents produce diseases;
  • The interactions between the disease causing agents and host plant in relation to overall environment.
  • The method of preventing or management the diseases and reducing the losses/damages caused by diseases.

List of the equipment in the lab:

Sr no.Name of Equipment
2Hot air oven
3Student Microscope
4Photo album
5Disease chart
6Conical flask
7Testtube stand
8Test tube
9Micro Pippet
10Magnifying lens box
13Ph meter
14Disecting Microscope
15Cork borer
17Weighing balance
18Magnetic stirring Box