Animal Husbandry and Dair

Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science

Animal husbandry refers to livestock raising and selective breeding. It is the management and care of animals in which the genetic qualities and behavior of animals are further developed for profit. A large number of farmers depend upon animal husbandry for their livelihood.

Animals provide us with a variety of food products which have high nutritional values. Therefore, they require a lot of care and attention. Animals are bred commercially in order to meet the high demand for food. Dairy products from animals like cows, buffaloes, goats, are rich sources of protein. These animals are called milch animals as they provide us with milk. The premises has different breeds of cows, hens, goats etc. 

This branch studies Genetic Improvement of Livestock by Scientific Intervention to bring about increase in productivity of Livestock in the existing farming system and conservation of Native Breeds. Dairy science and technology involves the study of the chemistry of milk constituents, the control of microorganisms (desirable and undesirable) associated with milk and dairy products, all branches of engineering related to milk processing, and the economics of milk processing, distribution, and retailing.

Objectives and Activities

This laboratory is used for research in following areas:

  • To satisfy the need for food of the growing population.
  • To do proper management of the domestic animals.
  • To develop high yielding breeds of animals.
  • To increase the standard of living of farmers.
  • To increase the production of milk.
  • To increase the production of eggs.
  • To increase animal yield. 
  • To improve the desirable quality of animal produce. 
  • To produce disease-resistant varieties of animals.
  • To provide veterinary health care and diagnostic facilities.
  • To provide quality breeding services to enhance productivity.
  • Up gradation and conservation of indigenous breeds.
  • Quality control of Feed, Milk and Milk products.
  • Veterinary Extension, Education and Training.
  • Promotion of Dairying for self-employment.
  • Special livestock production programme for social upliftment.

List of Equipment in the Lab:

Sr no.Name of Equipment
1Milking can
3Electric dehorner
4Milking bucket
5Gerber centrifugal unit
6Hot air oven
7Vacuum Pump
8Distilled Water Unit
9Broader Machine
10Cattle Crate
11Crade fiber estimation unit
12Mill Grinder