Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


  • Service to rural society through offering quality education in Agriculture
  • To discover, share, and disseminate knowledge of integrated agricultural and environmental systems to students, the agricultural community, and society.


  • To get accreditation from State and Central Govt. MCAER and ICAR
  • To establish strong interaction between neighboring villages (Farming community) and college
  • To establish research facilities/activities to benefit faculty and students
  • To develop collaboration with ICAR Institutions and Agricultural colleges and other allied Colleges


To create an academic atmosphere conducive to impart Agricultural Education leading to graduation which ultimately blossom the young boys and girls of Rural and Farming Community, to acquire competence and managerial skill to promote Scientific Agriculture in 21st Century.


  • To mould the young Girls and Boys of rural background into a responsible citizen who would later contribute to the welfare of the country
  • To develop college as a premier hub in Agriculture and allied subjects for the pursuit of developing technical excellence and skill.
  • To instill in student, the respect of healthy academics and to develop in them a capacity to innovate and handle the Agricultural and allied projects independently