Campus Life

Campus Life


           Established in 2009, for the first five years, the college serves as a premier institution in the field agriculture and rural development. Over the years the institute has been providing highly skilled agriculture graduates to the Agriculture industry in the state. The Mb Patel College campus is spread over 100 acres amidst picturesque landscape surrounded by sprawling beautiful greenery consisting of agriculture fields (about 30 acres), hillock, hilly terrain, small streams, rivulets, ponds and water bodies. The campus is self-contained and equipped with all the state of the art facilities necessary for the all-round development of the students’ personalities.

       College encourages students from all faith backgrounds to find their God-designed potential for dealing Agricultural activities and services. At MPCAgri, students develop professional knowledge; find professors who care for and respect the individual; and seize opportunities to create, learn and connect.

In the comfortable campus atmosphere, professors teach students and involve them in different agricultural activities. Since years, higher efficiency, expertise in the Agri related subjects and leadership guts-these three have become the core identity of the students of the institute. Use of latest technology in education, research and extension has always been encouraged here. Due to this, students from the institute really have sound knowledge along with the latest updates in the field of agriculture

 Student hostels

There are total 2 hostels in the campus of MPCAgri. One is for the girls and other one is for the boys. Every student has a well-appointed single room to oneself or sharing rooms. Rooms are sufficiently illuminated and ventilated. Bathrooms are fitted with geysers for supplying hot water as and when necessary. Filtered drinking water is available throughout day and night in these hostels. Mess is of course an inseparable part of these hostels. Hostel residents are offered breakfast, lunch and dinner on all days including holidays.