Teaching Aids

Following Scientific equipments have been procured to strengthen the laboratories.

Sr. No.


1 P.H. Meter
2 Projector
3 Auto Claves
4 Oven
5 Electronic Balance
6 Microscope
7 Soil Hydrometer
8 Test Sieves (20cm)
9 Baro Meter
10 Hygrometer

Following Field Equipments/implements have been procured to facilitates easy, quick, timely and efficient operations.
Sr. No.


1 Tractor
2 Sprinkler Set
3 Sickle
4 Pickake
5 Secetiar
6 Hedge Sheer
7 Grass Sheer
8 Transplanting Travel
9 Garden Fork
10 Garden Iron Rake
11 Budding Knife
12 Khurpi
Sr. No.


1 Land Measuring Chain 10 arrows
2 Optical Square Triangular Inbox
3 Optical Square Round Type
4 Cross staff Octagonal
5 Cross staff Octagonal
6 Leveling staff Aluminum
7 Plane table board with stand
8 Dumpy level with stand
9 Prismatic Compass with stand
10 Soil and Water Testing Kit
11 Moisture Meter
12 Water bath Thermostatic
13 Hot Plate (Sand Bath)
14 Hot Plate thermostatic
15 Oven
16 Flame Photometer
17 Colourimeter


Establishment of Animal Husbandry Department:-Five Cows of different breed are procured. An animal shed admeasuring the area 60 x 30 ft has been constructed to house the animals. Animals have started giving milk about 50 liters per day (25 liters in Morning and 25 in Evening).

Farm-Store constructed admeasuring 70 x 15 ft was to storing the farm produce and other field stock material such as seeds, fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, farm implement etc.

Class Rooms and Laboratories have been floored with Cotta Stone

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